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With the SENT-Simulyzer® make the development of sensors easy.

The SENT-Simulyzer is an interface box which provides fast data acquisition and is able to react to the situation using simulated data.

The launch of the Interface Box was autumn 2014. In addition to the standard version, SesKion also has modified versions available, as well as comprehensive hardware and software solutions for customised test requirements on the SENT-Interface.

In addition to the Interface-Box we also offer you our SENT-Simulyzer Software which is specially developed for our SENT-Simulyzer

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• SENT-Simulyzer Software

With the SENT-Simulyzer Software no valuable datas will get lost anymore!

For the communication with the SENT-Simulyzer Hardware SesKion offers you following possibilities:

1. A DLL which can be integrated into your own software.

2. Our own software, the SENT-Simulyzer Software.

SENT-Simulyzer Hardware
(HTS-Code: 90318038)
Ord.Nr. Description  
1.0300 SENT-Simulyzer USB Box mit Analyse + Sensor Simulation und DLL  
SENT-Simulyzer Softwarelicence (Single-Licence for 1 device)
(HTS-Code: 85234945)
Changing your licence is easy. We send you a new Licence-Key and a Step-by-Step description!
Ord.Nr. Description  
2.0300 SENT-Simulyzer Softwarelizenz Analyse + Sensor Simulation  
SENT-Simulyzer additional
Ord.Nr. Description  
2.1401 2nd SENT Channel Sensor Simulation  
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Valid from Dezember 2, 2014

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